How to Install Orkin Therm

Because OrkinTherm is a “loose-fill” insulation, homeowners and professionals must use special machines to install the product. If you’re interested in having an Orkin professional apply OrkinTherm, call (877) - 639- 8885 or click here to schedule a free inspection. If you prefer to apply OrkinTherm on your own, you will need the following equipment that’s available at participating retail locations:

Equipment Needed:

  • GreenFiber Insulation Blowing Machine. You can find the GreenFiber insulation blowing machine, two 50-foot sections of hose and complete instructions for machine operation at your local home improvement store. To ensure the equipment functions properly, remember to have a store associate start the machine before you leave.
  • NIOSH N95 Dust Mask and Safety Glasses. Although OrkinTherm is safe to use and non-irritating to pets or humans, we recommend using a NIOSH N95 or higher disposable dust mask during application. Safety glasses are also recommended for protection while installing OrkinTherm.