Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is OrkinTherm truly environmentally friendly?

A. OrkinTherm is made of 85 percent certified recycled material and is the only pest management product labeled by the EPA that also bears an Energy Star label. When viewed in the context of its full product life-cycle, cellulose insulation like OrkinTherm is also one of the greenest building materials in the world, as it requires the least amount of energy during the manufacturing process.

Q. Does OrkinTherm have to be reapplied or replaced to continue preventing pests?

A. No. Pests cannot build up a tolerance to OrkinTherm, so the product remains effective as long as the insulation is inside the home.

Q. How long does it take to install OrkinTherm?

A. It depends on the size of the home. However, installing OrkinTherm over existing attic insulation takes roughly half a day.

Q. My attic is already insulated, so do I really need OrkinTherm?

A. We recommend it. First, your current insulation most likely does not incorporate pest control product, so OrkinTherm would be highly beneficial in preventing pests. Also, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends a level of insulation in residential attics that often exceeds building codes – many homes have been found to be under-insulated.

Q. Do I need to remove my existing insulation before installing OrkinTherm?

A. No. OrkinTherm can be installed on top of existing insulation after the current and desired R-values have been determined. However, you may want to consider removing any existing insulation that was damaged by pests.

Q. How is OrkinTherm installed?

A. Because OrkinTherm is a “loose-fill” insulation, homeowners, and professionals must use special machines to install the product, blowing it into attics on top of existing insulation or within attics and walls of new homes.

Q. What is OrkinTherm made of?

A. OrkinTherm is made of 85 percent certified recycled newsprint and other natural products. It is treated with boric acid to control pests.

Q. Who can install OrkinTherm?

A. OrkinTherm can be installed by licensed pest management professionals, as well as homeowners who wish to apply the product on their own.

Q. How much does OrkinTherm cost?

A. The cost of installing OrkinTherm varies depending on several factors such as location, size of the home and existing insulation. However, OrkinTherm usually pays for itself as it reduces energy costs over time.

Q. How many bags of OrkinTherm should I buy?

A. The number of bags you purchase depends on your current and desired R-values. Once you have determined the amount of insulation you need to reach the desired R-value, you can view this chart to estimate how many bags of OrkinTherm to buy.

Q. How does OrkinTherm reduce my bills?

A. OrkinTherm restricts the passage of heat flow in either direction, which allows your home to maintain a more consistent temperature. OrkinTherm also prevents nearly 40 percent more energy loss than fiberglass battling.

Q. Where do I buy OrkinTherm?

A. If you’re interested in having an Orkin professional install OrkinTherm, call 877-639-8885 or click here to schedule a free inspection. If you prefer to install OrkinTherm on your own, visit your nearest participating home improvement store to speak with a sales associate.