What are the Benefits of OrkinTherm?

OrkinTherm saves money! When added to existing insulation or installed on its own, OrkinTherm helps keep comfortable air in the living area of your home. This reduces the required energy needed to heat or cool your home and, in turn, can reduce your heating and cooling bills.

OrkinTherm reduces noise! OrkinTherm reduces unwelcome noise from outside and helps create a peaceful environment inside the home. Insulated interior walls reduce annoying noises inside a house.

OrkinTherm controls pests! OrkinTherm is the only product labeled by EPA to control insects that also bears an Energy Star label!

OrkinTherm is Green! It is often difficult to discern which products truly are environmentally responsible. When viewed in the context of the entire product life-cycle (from production to operation to disposal), cellulose insulation is one of the greenest building products in the world. Cellulose insulation takes less energy to make than other insulation products, is made from 80%+ recycled paper, reduces a home’s carbon footprint by saving energy, and provides no post-installation waste.